Quality &

Your Quality and Regulatory Affairs partner to ensure:

Sustainable and predictable market access

Authorised Agent

We are authorised agent  AR for manufacturers located outside EU. 
Registration No. SE-AR-000001888.
Do you need one? Contact us today!


We are Person Responsible for Regulatory compliance, PRRC in several countries like Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden! Contact us to get further information

Market Access Enabler

We have developed a very cost  and time effective way for our customers to get into and ensure compliance! This is typical very helpful for startups and small manufacturers


Company Strategies

Market access strategy, Handling of authorities and compliance projects. 
How should you think when you organize the Quality and regulatory affairs organization, global vs local to get out most of it.


Regulatory Affairs

We can assist and/or drive regulatory affairs related activities around the world. A few examples are product submissions, post market surveillance, Authorized representative, labeling and promotion control. 


Management systems

We do most kind of quality related activities covering FDA´s QSR and quality standards such as
ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and environmental standard ISO 14001.


Authority Handling

Customs issues or letters from authorities. We are very experienced in handling this in most areas, not only medical devices or IVDs. Contact us to see what we can help you with!

Our experience

We provide competence and "know how" in all areas we work!

We have extensive experience in:
- All product classes
- Notified Bodies
- EU task forces
- We are Authorised Representative
- Technical documentation
- We are PRRC

We have extensive experience in handling FDA issues and submissons including FDA inspections, 510(K) De Novo and pre submissons

We have long experience working in upper management positions driving company strategies and implementing management systems globally

Typical questions we get

We can help you to  map the requirement and how they will effect your business, What to do when and what alternatives you have. We often start the process with product classification and a gap analyse to ensure the right starting point!

Yes, in fact most activities we do can be done remotely. One of the biggest factor in why the way we work is fast and efficient for the customer is because we design the possibility to work remote! This save both time and money.

If you want to get things done and not pay more than you need we will be a perfect match. We typical offers several packages where you can choose level, Bare minimum, Good enough or  Best in class! and by the way we will be around and support you not only during the work, but also afterwards! 

What do you need to meet?


If you want us to contact you please fill in the form and we will come back to you. 

Visiting Address 

Forsbyvägen 1B
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Postal Address

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Int+(0)722 31 33 55

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