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About us

Key competence is about having the right persons on the right job

The company

Hoff & Lowendahl AB was founded 2016. Even though beeing a new company we have long experience in the field. We could clearly see the need for expert competence out there, and finally took the step.


The people
One of our founder and our mentor is  Peter Löwendahl. Very few persons in the nordic region has the width and deept of experience ranging from working in big companies, mid size and small medtech companies and with one of the Notified bodies. Beeing responsible for more than 40 FDA inspections and more than 150 other authority inspections, developed and/or runned >20 quality systems and >3000 product submissions during the last 27 years!

Our philosopy 
We have a few key people hired and then subcontract the "right people for the job" from companies we trust, and persons we know how they work. Reason is simple.

We believe that you want the right competence for the job, not the persons we happen to have available. 



If you want us to contact you please fill in the form and we will come back to you. 


Högåsvägen 125                    
SE-741 41 Knivsta


Phone: +46 (0) 722 313355