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About us

The company


To enable safe and effective medical devices to diagnose, treat and remedy diseases and other conditions world wide


To help our customers to secure predictable and sustainable market access


Innovation in getting to the market,
Corporate social responsibility
Trustworthy and Reliable

The people

The most important part of an consultant company!

"We believe that you want the right competence for the job, not the persons we happen to have available". If we do not have the competence we will direct you to the ones having it or subcontract!

The company philosophy about competence

One of our founders is Peter Löwendahl. His experience ranging from working in big companies, mid size and small medtech companies and with one of the Notified bodies. Being responsible for more than 45 FDA inspections and more than 150 authority/Notified Body inspections, developed and/or runned >20 quality systems and >3000 product submissions during the last 3 decades! Medical products, IVD, Laboratory, manufacturing, but also in household related devices.

The People


We are members in several association to drive, support and promote innovations. In the end bringing safe and effective products to the market an a predictable way is what drives us! We will all be a patient in the future!

We are a proud member of the Swedish Medtech organization. Swedish Medtech is the Association for Medical Technology in Sweden with more than 200 company members. We are very active in promoting the Medtech industry in general. We are adjunct to the board!


We are a member of the consulting association for medtech products in Sweden that have a broad coverage of engineering and quality and regulatory affairs.

Apotekarsocieteten is a non-profit organization for professionals engaged in the field of Pharmaceuticals and Medtech. The aim of the organization is to support research and innovation in medicines and healthcare, and to promote high professional standards through supporting education and professional development. Most of our employees are a member! We are a member of the board of Medtech.

Companies we cooperate with

We cooperate with several companies. Below we mention a few that we work with on a regular basis.

RAQAexpert AB

We are closely working with our sister company to ensure we have right competence in the right place.

Linkedin Page

Need help in general management, how to grow your startup company to a successful company, or how to get to the market! This is the company to use for this!

Clever Compliance

We have close collaboration with Clever compliance. Check them out when it comes to their IT tools and services!


To serve our customers in need of AR in Switzerland and Responsible person in UK we cooperate with Casus Consulting that are specialized in these services.


If you want us to contact you please fill in the form and we will come back to you. 


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Email: info@lowendahl.eu
Phone: +46 (0) 722 31 33 55

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